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Quit Smoking Hypnosis

It is easy to quit smoking with my two-session program, during which I use clinical hypnotherapy in conjunction with specific techniques developed at Integrated Mind to have you throw away the ciggies for GOOD! Bring your cigarettes with you to the appointment; however, you won’t be needing them on the way out.

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Her lungs look even worse!



Are you concerned about your future health?

Are you disturbed by the amount of money you are spending on cigarettes?


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You can give up now.


Take action now and book in for your pain-free and chemical-free Quit Smoking session. As soon as you quit your body will start the repair process and detoxify by eliminating accumulated nicotine and chemicals. You will begin to feel better, look fresher and younger, and most people notice a big improvement in the taste and enjoyment of food.

On that subject, are you fearful you may gain weight as a result of quitting? No need to worry, this won’t happen with Integrated Mind’s Quit Smoking program. My unique techniques will reprogram you to want to eat healthier food in healthy quantities, and to enjoy more exercise.

Stop Smoking, Save Lots of Money!

Apart from the obvious health benefits, you can literally go on a good holiday each year with the cash you save by quitting. If you are smoking around 20 – 25 cigarettes per day, it will cost you approximately $6,000 per year. In households where more than one person is smoking, you can do the sums – it’s a lot of money.

Your investment in my two-session program is $440.  Using the example above you will recover this in less than one month!

In order for your life to change, first you must change something.  Do something different now and quit smoking using my proven method, and reap the the rewards of a healthier you, and more money in your pocket.

Forget the chemical treatments and trying to apply will power, simply book now for Integrated Mind’s proven Quit Smoking program. You will feel so much healthier and wealthier for it.

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Quit smoking today, and grow older being vibrant and healthy.




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