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Choose the new you versus the old you.

For many people struggling with weight issues it has been a long road of setbacks over time. Forget everything you thought you knew about weight management and being healthy. I have created a powerful program to help you step off the weight loss/regain treadmill, using clinical hypnotherapy in conjunction with powerful techniques developed at Integrated Mind, to help you heal your relationship with food and, most importantly, with yourself.

At Integrated Mind, I have successfully treated and helped many people with their issues around weight.

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Kick that junk food habit!

Losing weight is so much easier when your subconscious mind is on your side. Find yourself feeling in control when making choices around food, enjoying your meals, feeling healthier, with increased self-confidence and motivation and energy. It really is possible to heal your relationship with food and yourself. Act now and become your own success story!


Low-Calorie Diets Do NOT Work
“Any style of low-calorie dieting guarantees weight increase over time and contributes significantly to the general decline in physical and mental health. More people are dieting, more radically, and at a younger age every year. The result – an unprecedented epidemic of overweight, obesity, and diabetes.” (Ross, 2012)

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Before and after weight loss.

Fact 1. Calorie restriction diets do not work.
Fact 2. It’s not your lack of will power that’s stopping you from being your ideal weight.
Fact 3. Even if you are eating plenty of food, you may be nutritionally malnourished.
Fact 4. ‘Junk’ calories are a big problem – sugars, white flour, vegetable oils, and processed foods. They are high in calories, but provide little real nutritional value.
Fact 5. Healthy fats are good for you (olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, animal fats).
Fact 6. Integrated Mind’s weight management program will literally reprogram you for success!

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Resources of Interest:

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Underground Wellness (JERF: Just Eat Real Food) Lots of material to help gain good health.
Doctor Yourself: Dr Paul Saul’s natural health website

A note on Virtual / Hypnotic ‘Gastric Banding’: It is my opinion that in the majority of cases this technique is ineffective in the long term.

Ross. J. (2012). The Diet Cure, Penguin Books, New York.
Ross. J. (2003) The Mood Cure: The 4-Step Program to Take Charge of Your Emotions, Penguin Books, New York.

I am not a trained medical doctor, therefore the content above should not be taken as medical advice. The opinions expressed are my own, gained from years of reading  and professional experience on these matters, and as such are presented for informational purposes only.


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